What Are Common Mistakes Web Designer Make

What Are Common Mistakes Web Designer Make

People are human, so they make mistakes. If you're not a professional website designer, it's even more likely for you to make an error that can affect the appearance, speed, or other areas of your website. Not to mention, if you had someone complete your web development in the past, they could have made an error that's costing you now. Even if you're a professional website designer, you might be making some errors that are turning away business. Let's discuss some of the common mistakes in website designing. 

Scattered Layout 

When answering "What are the most common mistakes web designers make," it's vital to note that a messy layout is one of them. In today's world, people want speed and convenience. They want to be able to visit a site, scroll, find just what they need, and go. When a website has a sloppy layout, visitors won't be able to find what they're looking for, which could cause them to leave. 

The scattered layout could also lead to them having a poor impression of the business or practice the site belongs to, which will cost them customers, patients, or clients. 

Ultimately, a designer should have a clear hierarchy for the site, and create a design that lets viewers shift from one place to another with ease. 

Cluttered Site 

You might have a lot that you need to put on a page, but it may be in your best interest to limit how much copy or images go on each page and allow some "white" space, or green, blue, yellow, black, or whatever color space you have in the background. Ultimately, the page should have a minimalist look. It should provide enough content and images that the site looks professional and serves its purpose, but not too much that the site is overwhelming for the viewer. 

When a designer does too much on a page, it can leave the audience overwhelmed and possibly cause them to move on to another site that isn't so chaotic. Ultimately, minimalism with web design, is the way to go and probably always will be.

Too Many Images, Videos, and Animations

This is another one of the most common mistakes in website designing, and it's similar in nature to having a cluttered page. However, it gets its own category because it's not only off putting for a viewer, but this website mistake makes the entire site slow to load. This is especially the case if someone is trying to upload the site on a phone or tablet, which doesn't have the same capabilities as a laptop or desktop. 

While a few images, graphics, animations, or videos can enhance a site, especially when you sprinkle them throughout the site, when you have too much on one page, it makes the site slow to load. And with people being in such a hurry nowadays, it doesn't take much for them to leave a site if it doesn't load quickly. 

Therefore, when it comes to these elements, less is more. 

Content Issues 

Although the site needs to be aesthetically appealing and load fast, it also needs to provide useful information. It's also important that the information is accurate, up-to-date, and bulky enough to answer questions that viewers will have. 

Therefore, if you have little content on your page or haven't updated it in a while, it might be time to have a review and some of the content "fluffed" or "refreshed." Fortunately, this is often a service offered along with website design. Ultimately, this can make improving your content more affordable than hiring a writer in addition to a web designer. 

Not Getting Enough Input From the Client 

A designer might be super excited to take on a project and may neglect to get all the details necessary to begin and complete it. They may feel as though their superb skills are enough to make any client happy. On the contrary, this isn't always the case. The client already has a design idea in mind or has some expectations. Winging the project without enough input can lead to a site not looking how the client wants. 

If you're looking at your website and deciding if this is what happened in your case, take a look at the site. What criteria did you have when your site was first developed? Did the designer meet it, or did you feel like your needs and desires weren't met? 

During the web design process, a client should be providing insight to get a designer started. With enough input, the design will better match the client's expectations. Therefore, if you're a web designer, make sure you're asking enough questions. 

Isn't User Friendly 

When discussing what are the most common mistakes web designers make, it's vital to note that user-friendliness isn't always in mind. Sometimes, the designer may go overboard and focus on creating a beautiful site with content that makes the client sound fantastic. But, in the end, the site is complicated for the user to navigate. 

A site should have search bars on many, if not all, of the pages so a user can easily navigate the site. It should be possible to get to every page from every other page. Finding contact information should be a breeze for the viewer. 

While there are millions of sites on the Internet, you'd be surprised how many have some of these common mistakes in website designing. If you'd like your site to work properly and look fantastic or are a web designer who wants to improve, visit Pait Digital for more tips. 

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