Ahrefs vs Semrush - Which is the Best SEO Tool?

Ahrefs vs Semrush - Which is the Best SEO Tool?

The Ahrefs vs Semrush debate continues. Which has the best SEO tools? It depends on what your marketing goals are.

About Ahrefs

CEO Dmitry Gerasimenko founded Ahrefs in 2010. It started out as a backlinking company and developed into a full-service backlinking analysis tool. 

It provides competitor watching and keyword research tools. In addition, it offers domain authority tracking and site audits. See a complete list of Ahrefs features in this tool’s dashboard. 

Advantages of Ahrefs

It will provide you with data from up to 10 different search engines. In addition, it offers a content explorer, which identifies top-performing blogs, articles and other content in your niche. This will help you decide what to publish on your domains and will provide you with quality backlinking opportunities. 

Moreover, Ahrefs does an excellent job of allowing you to analyze keyword clicks. In addition, they have an extensive keyword database with ideas specific to your industry. You also can use this service to track your ranking progress over time, and progress reports are sent to you by email. 

Ahrefs also has a dashboard that business owners have reported as easy to use. It’s prone to welcome use by people of all internet technology experience levels. 

Disadvantages of Ahrefs        

It provides only organized keyword research – no PPC tracking. It also doesn’t have the listing management feature provided by Semrush. 

According to Style Factory Productions, Ahrefs also doesn’t provide any phone support. Their places also seem to limit the number of seats per account to only one. That cost can add up if you want to add several team members to one domain. 

Apparently, Ahrefs also doesn’t have as many links in its index as does Semrush or Moz. However, that could just be a “quality over quantity” issue. Still, it could limit your options. 

About Semrush 

Semrush has existed since its inception in 2008. A group of IT and SEO experts teamed up to provide fair, equal and transparent online competition for all people. 

Some main features include Google Rank and Domain Authority tracking, keyword research and backlink analysis, and PPC ad planning tools. They also do provide site audits. Check out a complete list of Semrush tools here. 

Advantages of Semrush 

It offers listing management options and the PPC analysis not offered by Ahrefs. In addition, you can use the Semrush SEO Assistant tool to evaluate your content readability and usefulness. This tool also measures how original your content is in contrast to your competitors. 

In addition, you can set up a Marketing Calendar using Semrush. This allows you to keep your keyword research and editorial publishing schedule all in one place. It makes managing your tasks easier too. Topic research and SEO content templates are also provided. 

Semrush has also received several awards for its quality of marketing and search awards. Some of this recognition targeted Europe, the U.S., UK and Holland. 

Disadvantages of Semrush 

Only one search engine instead of 10 like Ahrefs, and it doesn’t offer a Content Explorer tool. Its SEO Assistant, however, is still by far one of its most helpful tools. You can use that for keeping your content quality score high. 

On the other hand, some of the Semrush keyword research features may seem a bit overwhelming for first-time users. The good news is, these tools do provide you with comprehensive insight, and they do have a support team ready and willing to walk you through the process. 

Still, if you’re expecting a “self-service” keyword research platform, Semrush may not be your first choice. Trust Radius also says that it doesn’t always provide local file checks for all countries. At the same time, its primary focus is on local and not global keyword research. 

The Ahrefs vs Semrush Verdict

Ahrefs and Semrush work well for different reasons. You should use Ahrefs if you value the amount of times someone has clicked after specific keyword searches. Ahrefs also has the best SEO tools for in-depth content exploration that Semrush may not provide. It also does wonders for helping you establish organic search visibility. 

Semrush, on the other hand, has more advanced SEO tools to help you find the most effective amount of PPC keywords for your campaign for the least amount of cost. At the same time, it also does provide you with organic campaign development tools. This allows you to set up both free and paid search performance tracking to evaluate SEO effectiveness. 

Contact Payton Clark Smith of Pait Digital if you want to determine what the best SEO tools are for you to use.

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