Top No-Code Website Builders of 2022

Top No-Code Website Builders of 2022

Finding a Quality Website Builder

Building a website in the past was difficult and required knowledge of different coding languages like Java and CSS. Luckily, building a website these days is very easy with no-code website builders. The best website builders offer many options and features when you are building your website. And best of all you don't need to have coding experience to get a beautiful website up and running.

Top No-Code Website Builders

With several competing website builders out there it is worthwhile to do some research to find the best website builders that suit your specific needs. There are a growing number of no-code/low code companies that serve different types of companies. Rich e-commerce features and aesthetics are typical demands that consumers seek when they are looking for the best website builders.

  • Squarespace - Attractive templates for e-commerce and other industries with a decent amount of marketing and SEO tools. Squarespace has drop and drag building to make setting up a website easy with no coding experience. There is a free trial to try out the features of Squarespace first.
  • Wix - One of the most popular and well known website builders is Wix. Customers like the easy to navigate backend building feature to rapidly set up a website. There are hundreds of templates to choose from on Wix. Businesses of any size will find a plan that is right for them. Wix offers professional help for large businesses building a website as well.
  • Shopify - If you have an e-commerce business Shopify is another great website builder to consider. Tons of apps and years of providing e-commerce oriented features have made Shopify a very popular choice for no-code website builders. This is great for both small and larger businesses and it allows for multi-platform selling. You can use it for a variety of e-commerce types.
  • Zyro - If you are on a budget but still want an impressive website, Zyro may offer what you want. It is an inexpensive and easy website builder that will work for a variety of businesses. Zyro comes with Unsplash, a stock photo site that customers can use for adding pictures to their site. Although other sites may have more features, Zyro has attractive templates and affordable options to get a website up and running quickly.
  • Ghost - Ghost was founded in 2013 after it received its funding from a Kickstarter campaign. The owners of this platform say that its mission is to create the best open-source tools for independent writers and journalists around the world as well as to have a true impact on the future of online media. You can use it for blogs, newsletters, and a variety of other writing endeavors. This is free to download and to customize however you wish. If you opt for the pro plan, you can get access to reasonably priced hosting management services. There are many built-in advanced features for SEO purposes.
  • - If you have a Notion web page that you’d like to turn into a website, is an excellent option. It only requires a small amount of effort for you to be able to turn the Notion page into a fully-functional, attractive website. It has an extremely simple payment structure, so it’s ideal for people who are just starting out with e-commerce. This allows you to add on features like navigation menu, CSS, HTML, and a custom domain so that you have a standard website. It’s an amazing choice for artists, writers, and other creative types who would rather avoid learning the more complicated web building tools.

If you’re interested in website building services that go above and beyond what you feel comfortable doing on your own, it’s in your best interest to find a professional to assist you. Contact a representative of Pait Digital and you’ll be pleased with the results. You don’t want to take your chances when it comes to your web presence for your business, no matter the size and how long you’ve been in business. This often is the first point of contact and you want to make a good impression so that prospective customers see your level of professionalism and have greater confidence in your products and services.

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